Second Shooter Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in second (or third) shooting with me! This form was created with my clients in mind. Since this is my clients wedding... an event that isn't repeatable and we have only one chance to capture the day as it unfolds, it's important for me to understand as much about you as possible. (Filling out this questionnaire does not guarantee that I'll hire you.)

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I know you may be someone who would select all 3 of these as a reason but please choose your one primary reason above all others
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Are you confident with your ability as a photographer and with your camera? *
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Now it's your turn to ask the questions! If you have anything you'd like to ask me or for me to clarify, please indicate it below.

second shooter q&A

1. What am I allowed (and not allowed) to do with my images after the wedding? Can I use them in my portfolio?

This is covered in detail within the contract but essentially you have permission to use them for your own portfolio and/or sales material. We do ask that you refrain from using them excessively on social media, meaning posting 1-2 photos max, and never tag the clients or any of the vendors. The images are never to sold in anyway.  

2. Do I need to mention you when I post the images? Do I need to state that I was the second shooter?

You can if you would like but it is not necessary and you do not need to state that you were the 2nd shooter. As mentioned above we ask that you do not post more than 1-2 photos on social media, this is for the privacy of our clients. 

3. Can I edit my own images?

Yes, edit them to your style but shoot toward our style.

4. Will you credit me when you blog about the wedding, or if you get published?

Yes, you deserve credit for your awesome work and it's a privilege to work alongside great photographers like yourself!

5. When and how will I get paid?

There are two options and you will choose which one you desire on your contract. First, you can choose to be paid by check. The check will be mailed within 1 full business day from the event. So, if the the wedding is on Saturday the check will be mailed no later than Tuesday morning. Second, if you would like to be paid quicker you can choose to be paid via the Square Cash App. This is a secure payment option that deposits directly into your bank account. You will nee to set up a Square Cash account and in your contract enter your Square Cash ID. If you choose this option you will be paid within 12 hours of the assignment end time noted on your contract. Once you make your selection on your contract on how you would like to be paid you can not change that selection. 

6. When and how should I deliver the images to you?

We prefer Google Drive or Dropbox. It is crucial that you send us your images as soon as possible. Your contract will specify the number of days your are permitted to send the images. It is your responsibility to send the images and not our responsibility to retrieve them. Therefore you must take the necessary actions to deliver these images within the agreed contract limit. On some assignment we will issue you a memory card and retrieve that memory card at the end of the assignment. 

7. Would you like me to shoot on your cards or my own?

We will let you know prior to the assignment. Most times we prefer you to shoot on your own memory card but periodically we will issue you a memory card and retrieve it after the assignment. It is important to have a back-up memory card on hand at all times and also to have your memory cards formatted and ready for the assignment.  

8. If something were to happen and you couldn’t make it, would I become the lead photographer? In that case, What would my compensation be?

Yes, we would ask that you take over as primary if you wish too. It is never our wish for this to ever happen but emergencies do take place and as a 2nd you are already familiar with the wedding. You would not be contractually obligated but we would consider it a professional courtesy. Compensation varies based on the wedding package but typically it would be $150 an hour for a primary shooter.